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Why should music festival have a mobile app?

For organizers

  • Drive additional value for sponsors and exhibitors with new advertising and messaging platforms.
  • Save money on paper brochures (both printing and cleanup).
  • Boost ticket sales by in-app purchase or building buzz around your event.

For attendees

  • Give everyone an electronic alternative to other information sources (like posters, web pages etc.).
  • Inform all the attendees about breaking news on festival scene in seconds.
  • Create a community and communication around your event with in-app social media sharing.
  • Keep attendees in the loop with real-time access to news, line-up, map and more.

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How does it work?

  • 1.

    Prepare your festival info, line-up, list of artists and news

  • 2.

    Design your app, fill basic data

  • 3.

    Try your app

  • 4.

    Maintain your data

  • 5.

    Promote app to attendees

App Features

Watch the video or download demo app to discover basic features.

If there's anything missing in our Basic option, you will definitely find it in FEATURE+ section, that extend limits of our apps beyond all boundaries.

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Compatible with iPhone and Android.

  • Branding

    It's important that mobile app matches the look and feel of your event. Our apps let you do just that, with predefined options for visual customization. Pick your own color scheme and upload own images that will be used throughout the app. Bios, maps, menus & everything can match your brand in a consistent way.

  • Content management

    Have a dozen last-minute changes to the schedule, galleries, and performer bios? Need to update the app every two minutes with live competition results? No problem! Your changes will appear inside the app right away, regardless of the device. With a Generify app, all of your content is stored in a native content management system. Don't worry, it's easy. You can edit your content whenever you need to, and fans will get the latest information without having to update or re-download the app.

  • Custom design


    Are you aiming to something really exclusive and unique? Just tell us and we will customize design of your app according to your extensive needs.

  • Push notifications


    Communicate with attendees instantly using push messaging. You can easily send short, timely notes to all app users to notify them of changes, start-times or sponsor promotions. Push notifications give you a new way to communicate with festival attendees. But they're also a new way for sponsors to engage with the audience and get the word out about promotions, offers or giveaways at their booth or website.

  • Artist rating


    Your attendees will be able to rate artists and their performance in real-time, follow what's happening on the other stages and decide which stage to visit.

  • User defined schedule

    Easily create, maintain and update your schedule as events happen. Attendees can build a personalized schedule containing only the shows they're interested in. Attach multiple items & such as bands or artists & to a single scheduled event. Our schedules provide all the information that will help attendees plan their time and have the best possible event experience.

  • Location and maps

    Whether your event is taking place on a single stage or throughout an entire city, our location-aware maps will help attendees get to where they're going. Your app can include location-aware illustrated maps.

  • Interactive maps


    Your Festival is huge, with many stages, points of interests and landmarks? We can put your illustrated maps into Google or Apple maps and make them interactive by marking important locations such as food, restrooms, stages and more. By using multiple layers, app users will be able to filter the map to show only the information they're most interested in at that moment.

Our Apps

  • Hip Hop Kemp

    Hip Hop Kemp is an international hip hop festival held every August in eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic. It is one of the biggest hip hop festivals in Europe, with an audience of almost 20 000. The festival takes place in late August, in Festivalpark, Hradec Králové, and has been running since 2002.

  • Let it Roll

    Let it Roll is the biggest electronic music party in Czech Republic, mainly focused on DnB and Dubstep.

  • Trancefusion

    Trancefusion is regular trance party in Prague, featuring DJs like ATB, Richard Durand or Orjan Nilsen. There is option to rate DJ during show, get welcome drink or priority check-in with application and much more.

  • Prague Pride

    The theme of Prague Pride 2013 is coming out as reffered to by this year’s slogan „Let Our Colours Out“. Why coming out? Because according to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) only 11% of Czech gays and lesbians are out in their workplace. In the Czech political scene there is not a single politician that voluntary came out publicly.

More apps on App Store and Google Play Store

"Every US event should take an example from this app" Ian Ni-Lewis, Google Developer Advocate
"I think application has really worked and it ingathered deserved feedback, it was even working. Really great was DJ set rating, everybody relished this. Even in several event reports it was levered up as great innovation :)" Zdeněk Masopust, Chief promoter of Trancefusion


  • Festival App Basic

    • Line-up, Now playing
    • Festival info, Artist details
    • Connection to social networks
    • Show notifications
    • User defined schedule
    • Festival news


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  • Festival App Feature +

    • Festival App Basic
    • Push notifications (€150)
    • Artist Rating (€400)
    • Analytics (included)
    • Interactive maps (€400)
    • Custom design (€250)
    • Custom functionality
      (to be decided)
    • Technical support (included)

    from €200

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